MacFiX Experts

Has your iMac been knocked or your MacBook accidentally dropped? If it is out-of-warranty and you’re not sure where to turn, just call us. We can replace cracked screens, keyboards, trackpads and more, all at reasonable cost and with minimal fuss.

MacFiX Equipped

Regardless of its model or operating system, we have tools for diagnosing problems with your computer’s internal hardware too, such as the logic board, memory and wireless components and will have things running smoothly again in no time

Chat Time

We are available to our customers at all times during business hours to assist with machine problems.

Software & Tools

Technicians work their magic with the right tricks and deliver the best outcome to each customer's machine.

Best Quality

We understand how each parts are designed & manufactured to provide the highest quality parts.

With Love

From the day our customer sent to us their machine to the day it’s return back to them, we handle it with care.

Up In The Clouds

All back up is done prior to repair works as certain repairs involved may have high-risk of data loss.

Ready to Listen

We priorities our customers satisfaction at all times by making sure that our support is on standby.